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is a fun team game which incorporates activities such as walking, thinking, and passing and throwing a ball with the aim of scoring a goal through a hoop. It encourages physical movement and teamwork.

It is a game which can be played on any flat surface. It involves strategy and is a game designed for fun, fitness, and skill development. If you are looking for a way to get active, stay healthy, and meet new friends then try Lifeball!

Lifeball can be played by men, women, and boys and girls of all ages. Lifeball is particularly suited to older adults as it improves heart and lung function, increases circulation, and relieves stiffness. It helps prevent fall injuries as it improves balance, coordination, flexibility, mobility, and mental stimulation. Lifeball is also suitable for people with diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular problems, and other chronic illnesses. Lifeball is a game designed on the philosophy of participation for all. The game can be modified to suit everyone whatever their ability.

Why Play Lifeball?

  • Lifeball is fun!
  • Lifeball improves balance, coordination, flexibility and mobility.
  • Lifeball increases energy levels.
  • Lifeball is mildly competitive and mentally stimulating.
  • Lifeball helps to maintain your independence.
  • Lifeball improves confidence and self-esteem.
  • Lifeball reduces the risk of fall injuries.
  • Lifeball has no running, jumping or over-extending
  • Lifeball encourages social interaction by creating a team spirit.
  • Lifeball has simple rules that are easy to learn.
  • Lifeball rules are designed to promote safety and inclusion of all players.
  • Lifeball is suitable for males and females of all ages and fitness levels.
  • Lifeball has a philosophy of fun and friendship.

If you would like to play Lifeball in Rutherglen, then contact: Rosemarie Gayfer 0404 449 058.
If you come along you need to be prepared to join in, have fun and enjoy a coffee and a chat after the game.

For more information on Lifeball visit

Pickleball is a cross between Badminton, Tennis and Ping Pong. Pickleball is much easier to play and learn than any of the games that inspired it. Due to its small court size, light equipment and skill-centric rules, it is quickly picked up by players of all ages yet offers a high skill cap at the top levels of competition.

For further information contact:
Geoff O’Dwyer
Ph:  0424 161 488

The Rutherglen Badminton Club

The club caters for all ages and skill levels and everyone is welcome.  It’s a lot of fun and helps keep you fit and active.  For more information check us out on Facebook at:

For more information Facebook Message Georgie or Shane

Or Call Geoff on 0424 161 488

If you are wishing to Play Tuesdays please call Lyn Ford 0427 970 485

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