The Rutherglen Wine Show

The Rutherglen Wine Show

The Rutherglen Wine Show

The Rutherglen Wine Show

The Rutherglen Wine Show




Chairman/Chief Judge Chris Pfeiffer
Assistant to Chairman Peter Matthews 
Judges David Morris, James Godfrey, Russell Cody, Greer Carland, Steve Paul, Jen Pfeiffer, Damian Hutton, Mike de Iuliis, Cate Looney, 
Associates Amy Smith, Trent Eacott, students from Charles Sturt University and Adelaide University
Stewards Stephen Chambers (Head Steward), Andrew McLeod

Judging The wines are judged by panels of three judges and one or two associates who independently assess the wines before a combined score is totalled and allocated to each exhibit.
Each judge allocates up to 20 points based on 3 for "colour and clarity", 7 for "bouquet" and 10 for "palate"
The "Chief Judge" maintains the casting vote in the case of any variance between judges.

Awards are made on the following basis:

Gold Award 55.5 to 60.0
Silver Award 51.0 to 55.0
Bronze Award 46.5 to 50.5

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Rutherglen Wine Show

Rutherglen Ag Show

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